“The Benefits of skin-to-skin are immense”

written by Billie

12 FEB 2021

Honestly speaking, skin to skin was something I really didn’t know much about. I didn’t feel it was something I could ever do, as it sounded ‘mum related’.

Before becoming a dad, everything was always about the mum and baby and to an extent I didn’t really feel there was a lot of support for dads during the birth of my baby. To an extent, I still feel like this.

It was only until I learnt about massage through Hira at Daddies who is a certified baby massage therapist, that I released how important massage and skin to skin are for babies. Having my undressed baby lay on my bare chest, I cannot put into words. I feel relaxed, comforted and happy.

Without fail, I do skin to skin with my baby during her bed time routine and this has become “my thing”. Mum feeds, daddy does bath time and skin to skin. It’s become a routine in our home and brought my baby and I much closer together. Don’t get me wrong, skin to skin is for mum’s too but it’s something that I think all dads should learn.

Not to forget it’s therapeutic too!

“I feel embarrassed asking someone”

Are there any other dads who do skin to skin with their little ones? We would love to hear from you!

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